In , after a tumultuous divorce I threw myself back into the dating pool.

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I looked at women my age and cringed; they were all bitter, angry, or obese. Like many of us, I went onto a dating site and had pretty bad luck. Whether we were between the sheets or when we went partying, it was a great time. We even moved in together for awhile. Then things started going bad lying, and more lying so I had to kick her to the curb.

But that love for Slavic women stayed with me. It was just before Yanukovich ran away to Russia like a little coward.

The list goes on so make sure to do a good research!

I chose an online dating service since it was my first trip. I picked a few and the ladies said yes, and we met.

I came back to Ukraine a few times to see her, gave her gifts, went on dates every day, had an ok time. But something rubbed me the wrong way. So I dumped her, and she flipped out. Well, seems like I made the right call on that one. The gold diggers in Ukraine are much better than in any other country.

It goes on and on. Be more worried about the women who want a visa immediately. One of the best women I met in Ukraine was Tatiana.

So what do you think?

Beautiful, smart, successful, and we really liked each other. On my next trip, I hired a matchmaker. She hand picked a few ladies for me after we talked for a few hours. She charged me a reasonable fee for each introduction and also acted as a translator. The first lady was a doctor, Eugenia was sweet, cool, from a good family, and really liked me. Then I met the second lady.

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Wow, I would have moved the world for Victoria. She was super hot, funny, spoke fluent English, and liked me a lot. On our third date we got drunk and she went bonkers. All of the dating sites except one are all scams. I hope to publish it before the end of the year. I wish you the best on your adventures, and know there are a few gems out there, but you have to find them. I also tried the dating sites, but I found all of them scams except one. They hire girls to create dozens of profiles and use scripted introductions to sucker you in.

And some people from Ukraine and Russia send their children to study abroad. USA is very popular destination for that reason. And it's a great chance to learn the culture of a foreign country for Ukrainian girls.

30 Pros and Cons of Dating a Ukrainian Woman

Another category of Ukrainian women living in the USA are those who got married to someone from the States, but got divorced later. Usually, such women go back to their coutry.

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  • But in some cases, specially when they have children, they would stay in the USA and fully blend into the society. So now you can see, that you don't always need to go that far to meet a girl from Ukraine. Just look around and try to catch them speaking Russian with their friends or search for them on free dating sites like this one, and here is a link to the profiles of Ukrainian girls in the USA, Ukrainian women in the USA.

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    American man’s dating adventures in Ukraine: how it was?

    Ukrainian women in the USA. Russian girls in America. Many dating sites list Ukrainian and Russian women, who live mostly in Ukraine or Russia. So if you decide to meet them in real, that is going to be a long trip. At this free dating site you can find a lot of Ukrainian girls in the USA. They go to America for different reasons and here is a link to profiles of Ukrainian and Russian girls registered at this site and located in the USA, Ukrainian women in the USA Get registered for free and start looking for beautiful girls living in your area.

    The website is totally free and you don't need to pay anything to chat to Russian and Ukrainian girls.